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Seiler Grand Adds Sound to Silent Films

October 24, 2011

Composer and pianist Robert Bruce presented his live original score to F.W. Murnau's 1926 silent film masterpiece Faust recently on a Seiler Grand piano. The performance took place on Sunday, October 23rd at the Edgewater Community Hall located in Edgewater, British Columbia.

Out of the 12 or so silent films composer Bruce has scored since 2003 and now regularly plays live to, Faust is widely considered the most outstanding program overall. "In this case the planets just lined up in terms of choosing a truly great silent film to work with and having some of my best music just resonate perfectly and quite seamlessly adds another dimension to the story and visuals," Bruce says.

Of Bruce's Faust presentation in Toronto, artistic director Shirley Hughes said "Our closing night performance by Robert Bruce was nothing less than jaw-dropping… his stunning score melded perfectly with this incredible film built on shadow and light." One attendee called it "a marriage of film and music made in Heaven."

The Edgewater Hall wass an excellent choice for events of this calibre, with renowned acoustics, spacious and comfortable surroundings, hi-tech lights and sound and the first-class Seiler Grand piano.

Brooklyn Ballet Purchases Seiler Grand Piano

August 22, 2011

Seiler USA is proud to announce the purchase of a grand piano by the Brooklyn Ballet, a not-for-profit dance company dedicated to artistic excellence, education and serving Brooklyn’s diverse communities.

The Brooklyn Ballet is excited to acquire a piano with the impeccable craftsmanship of a Seiler, and the company looks forward to many performances throughout the upcoming season. “On behalf of the Brooklyn Ballet, we’re so grateful for the help in selecting the Seiler grand piano, and in time for our new season,” said Lynn Parkerson, Artistic Director. “It is such a beautiful instrument and our pianist Julius Abrahams was particularly thrilled to be playing on such a wonderful piano. The New York Times critic loved the music."

Seiler looks forward to showcasing its worldwide reputation of being the industry benchmark. “Marketing the Seiler brand is a global initiative for Samick,” stated Jay Cross, Vice President, Piano Division, Samick Music Corporation. “With great success already achieved in Europe and Asia, we are now focusing on North America, and what better place is there to make a statement about our flagship brand than New York City?”

“We are confident that this grand piano will give the Brooklyn Ballet many years of musical enjoyment,” added Don Glasgow, Director of Sales, Seiler USA. “It is especially gratifying to know this "Made in Germany" handcrafted Seiler grand piano will be frequently played by many of the world-class pianists in and around the New York area.”

The Seiler grand piano was sold to the Brooklyn Ballet by Frank and Camille’s West/Symphony Piano, located in Hartsdale and Queens, NY. For more information on Seiler pianos, visit

Seiler Chosen as Official Concert Grand for the 2011 Summit Music Festival

August 11, 2011


Summit Music Festival, celebrating its 21st season as New York’s summer institute for extensive chamber music and instrumental training, selected Seiler as the official Concert Grand for the 2011 festival. Founded in 1991 by members of the highly regarded Emelin Trio, the festival offers young musicians a unique opportunity for pre-professional training and brings the world's most talented musicians to Manhattanville College for this musical celebration and performance.

This year's event was supported by Samick Music Corp, one of the world's largest piano manufacturers, which supplied over $500,000 in concert quality pianos, including new Seiler, Wm. Knabe, Pramberger and Kohler & Campbell grand pianos, professional and studio uprights. The placement of pianos and all sales were coordinated by Symphony Piano, located in Hartsdale, NY.

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