Perfect triad - Ella Krohn

Ella Krohn's CD "Storyteller" - recorded live by Seiler in Kitzingen

With an insatiable thirst for creating and navigating new spaces and ideas, Ella Krohn likes to touch and exceed sublime musical boundaries. Her album "Storyteller" was recorded live at our production site in Kitzingen.

"A fantastically sounding Seiler grand piano 278 – played dreamlike beguilingly by Ella Krohn – recorded in absolute reference quality. A rare musical and artistic masterpiece!"

Jürgen Beckers - monitor db

Audio samples:

Danseur de la Lumière

Easy Run

Black and White

The pianist:

Ella is a composer who writes music for the film industry as a soloist and in ensembles. Her many years of international studies (classic / jazz composition), e.g. in France, Russia, the US and the Netherlands, give her music a unique touch.

She loves to bring together musicians from different genres and backgrounds to create unique, exciting projects, which she combines with her love for studio work.

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