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116 Ritmo

The 116 Ritmo stands for everything that makes a great Seiler. The reliable construction, which is the basis for our unmistakable sound, the timeless, unpretentious design and the smoothly running action add up to form an instrument that fascinates not only beginners and provides joy of playing for countless years.

Dimensions and weight


122 Ritmo

The 122 Ritmo combines the irresistible Seiler sound, an action with pleasant touch and a timeless design, forming a harmonious and powerful whole. That makes is it a versatile companion in all areas of music.

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122 C Ritmo

2019 Anniversary Model

On the occasion of our 170th birthday we present this special model in the studio line in a limited edition of 30 instruments!

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight


126 Ritmo


132 Ritmo

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116 Ritmo black polished