Seiler’s success is based on experience, the spirit of innovation and skilled craftsmanship passed on from generation to generation. Even with today’s techniques, a piano only becomes a “genuine Seiler” by our worker’s skills and knowledge of piano making. They create a masterpiece of piano manufacture from precisely made parts in more than a hundred steps of work – the basis for perfect playing throughout decades. Although the technology is hardly visible to the player, the transparent sound of a Seiler becomes obvious at the first touch.


The transparent sound is a Seiler piano’s soul, its outward appearance its face. As well as the classics with a high polished black surface, Seiler offers a unique variety of inlays and precious woods that are used according to your individual demands. 

For our production, we use domestic wood such as maple, pear tree, beech, oak, ash, cherry, myrtle, walnut or plane, that grow up in their natural environment. Thus, aesthetics of dark and clear are created with colours varying from homogeneous to vivid. Waxed, satin, silk glossy or high polished – the enthusiast will certainly find the perfect finish. The result is a perfect instrument that is a unique piece of nature at the same time.


Choosing the precious veneers already requires a lot of experience, to be exceeded only by the art of intarsia. Before veneers can be used for our uprights and grands, they undergo a sophisticated process. Thermal treatment, cutting and drying is done according to Seiler specifications in order to obtain a natural and creative structure of the wood – the basis for a perfect look of the instruments. Our intarsia makers use these precious veneers to create exclusive motives and ornaments – a complex craft that has become rare, but is performed at Seiler for over 160 years now. Your Seiler therefore will become a unique piece of lasting value.


A Seiler according to your imagination? We are gladly creating an instrument dedicated to you alone. Choose a special wood that you love, or create your own inlay design. We will realise everything for you in loving passion. There are no limits to your imagination. We look forward to capturing your personal story in a true Seiler.

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