SMRA milestone of the Seiler engineering team is the patented Super Magnetic Repetition (SMR) Action, permitting unsurpassed repetition speed on Seiler’s upright pianos. This innovative patented technology, unrivaled worldwide, replaces the spring-action repetition of the traditional upright action with two magnets. This permits repetition even in the lower third of the key travel, thus providing pianists with a new dimension to their interpretations of allegro and prestissimo musical passages.


TVSSeiler’s patented Tonal Volume Stabilizer (TVS) increases the tonal volume and amplification of sound by perfecting and preserving the elasticity and spring of the soundboard. This is why typical Seiler sound actually gains in body and character over the years.


LEADLESS KEYBOARDSeiler patented technology is the leadless keyboard. Instead of lead we use a high-density plastic for the balance weights of the keys. Weighing is done by removing weight from this plastic. The main advantages of this are no more toxic lead in the piano, no blooming of lead, no hanging or bursting keys. and no weakening of the keys by drilling.